I believe it is about time to introduce ourselves, now that we’ve had this blog going for some time!

We are a couple of Friends that do Software Development for a living. We have our Company, which is called JBay Solutions (JBay, hey? You like that?) which basically is specialized in Java Development and Android Development. We’ve had JBay (where we work full time) for 4 years now, and are based in Portugal in the city of Lisbon. We mostly do Web Development with focus on JavaEE (you know, EJB , JPA, JMX, JCA, etc).

We decided to start this Blog for several reasons, like putting down some pieces of information that we kept on needing to get back to, sharing this info with the rest of the Java community and also helping our new hires at JBay to get up to speed with some of the stuff we use around here.

So, yeah, that’s about it!  You can get in touch with us through this Blog (yes, we read the comments) or if you would like to send an email, do so to info (a) jbaysolutions.com , we all get the emails sent to this alias.

To finish, I would like to thank everyone that has sent feedback, we do appreciate it, wish that you have found the Tutorials helpful, and keep on coding!

Rui Pereira (syshex)


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